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The STMfish® Instrument

The STMfish® is a tool used for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM) techniques. It is available in surgical steel (316 stainless steel) or 6061 aluminium anodised to MIL-A-8625 Type II specs. The design incorporates a variety of convex and concave profiles to suit all areas of the body. Each tool is individually cut from 6mm (1/4") plate using precise computer assisted machining and custom profile cutters. Each instrument is then polished by hand and inspected under magnification.

  1. It is designed to fit snugly in the hand while allowing the practitioner to continuously alter the breadth of contact by rocking the instrument to change the radius of the contact to suit the area being treated.
  2. The design of the edge profile allows the practitioner to increase or reduce the intensity of the contact by merely changing the angle of tilt.
  3. It also has a notched zone to enhance lymphatic drainage. The channels allow the use of longer strokes in areas of oedema.
  4. Only one STMfish® tool is required to work on the entire body as opposed to multiple tools for Graston, ASTYM and SASTM Techniques.
  5. Both the stainless steel and aluminium versions may be sterilised using an autoclave or alcohol bath.